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version 2.6.3 released. Functionality improved, interface changes made.
new version 2.6.1 released. Functionality improved, colors replacement fixed.
version 2.6.0 released, interface changes made, minor bugs fixed.
version 2.5.8 released, Convert All fixed, functionality improved

This little gem saved me hour of work. I had almost 5000 wmf files to convert and thanks to its ability to convert all wmf files in a folder in a batch I was able to accomplish my work in a fraction of the time it would have taken.
-- Brandon Briggs

The amazing thing is that even though it is a low-cost app the support I got was amazing. I had a question and had received support beyond expectations within a few hours.
-- Mike

Thanks for this program and for continuing development!
-- Ron

I have a lot of clip-art is in wmf. Not just that from microsoft, but many 3rd party clip-art comes in wmf. It is critical for me to to convert wmfs to vector-based pdf and eps file. WMF Viewer is great for this, thank you for this product!
-- Alex

It works like a charm. The program opens and converts the contents of folders with my wmfs without a hitch. It's very comforting to encounter a business who actually cares about their product reliability and their customer satisfaction.
-- Reggie


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WMF Viewer icon

Version: 2.6.3
Price: $14.95

Mac WMF Converter - work with wmf images easily.

The program is mac wmf image converter and viewer application. On Windows, many graphics and forms are stored and exchanged as Windows Metafiles (WMF*) and Enhanced Metafiles (EMF*). On Mac, you can not preview wmf files unless you open them in a Microsoft applications such as Word or PowerPoint or use WMF Converter and Viewer application.

So, if you wish to use the images stored as WMF files on the Mac - this is the right choice for you.

WMF Viewer and converter allows you to open wmf files on the Mac, and convert them to numerous vector and raster image formats including: PDF(vector), EPS(vector), JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, PICT, PNG, BMP, SGI.

Main Features:

  1. navigate through the images in a folder using navigation keys and keyboard shortcuts
  2. view wmfs at different zoom amounts
  3. convert mac wmf files to vector formats
  4. convert wmf on mac files to mostly used raster formats with different resolution amounts
  5. rotate converted images by specified angle
  6. batch conversion of the folders with wmf files
  7. change color in mac wmf files and more...
WMFViewer (mac wmf converter) screen shot.

To convert a wmf on mac, choose one of the export formats and select Convert option or press button. The export resolution can be changed under mac WMF converter drawer Preferences. You may set also the default destination format, and the default location for the converted files.

File Size: 10.88Mb
Version: 2.6.3  Price: $14.95

Benefits of Purchasing:

  1. Fully functional and unlimited wmf converter version,
  2. Free upgrades,
  3. 100% secure on-line ordering,
  4. Purchase multiple copies of wmf converter application and get a discount, and
  5. Instant key delivering and unlocking.

* ( From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )
Windows Metafile (WMF) format images are graphical files that can contain both vector and bitmap-based picture information. Microsoft Windows contains routines for displaying WMF files. WMF is a 16-bit format introduced in Windows 3.0; a newer 32-bit version with additional commands is called Enhanced Metafile (EMF). EMF is also used as a graphics language for printer drivers. There are also compressed versions of Windows Metafiles known as Compressed Windows Metafile (WMZ) & Compressed Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMZ).

Program OS Support :

MacOSX 10.4 or later
Ready for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Version: 2.6.3
1.6 MB of hard disk drive space.

New version :

If you need the latest version, visit Mac WMF Converter Pro web page.

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