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Version: 1.7.8

Labels And Databases. Create labels from your databases.

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The Labels and Databases is a label maker and designer software with complex database support. It helps you to create labels, envelopes, and cards using various built-in label formats, and fill them with the information contained in user databases, that is create and print labels by using Mail Merge.

Various objects, like text, graphics and images, boxes, ovals, lines, patterns in any font, color or rotation, gradient fills, database field objects, barcodes can be easily added to your documents. Numerous image effects, like opacity level and image mask, in combination with other settings allow you to make visually stunning effects.

The product contains comprehensive list of label formats. Advanced Database customizes data presentation.

Easy switch between mac database and label views, instant previewing make the work with the label maker intuitive and quick. You can print labels from database, using either one database record, or a sequence of records.

Labels and Databases screen shot (Label View).

Paper formats

The Labels and Databases contain many formats of label paper in the paper formats list.
Print your labels on popular label stock from A-One, APLI , Avery, and many other U.S., European, or Asian manufacturers. Labels and Addresses also prints directly to popular label printers such as DYMO LabelWriter, ZEBRA thermal, and others.

Powerful printing features

Print any number of label starting at any position on the sheet, exclude certain labels from printing, control bleeds, printing offsets, crop and trim marks. Print your labels on mac printers, or export your design as JPEG, TIFF, PDF, BMP, PNG, etc. for outside printing. The exported files can be sent to a printing company or used as a label preview.

Labels and Databases screen shot (Label View).


The Labels and Databases integrated database module helps you to easily store and manage contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.). Database record consists of database fields, including image field, plus four customizable User Fields. It is easy to use, and sports a variety of powerful features to help you truly manage your contact list:
1. Store personal and/or business contacts easily,
2. specify the database browse field,
3. sort your entries any way you need via a very easy-to-use interface by three sorting criteria,
4. create groups of records, filter databases by these groups,
5. search database for records with certain database fields contents,
6. import and export databases using the delimited text files, or import Apple Address Book,
and more...


The Labels and Databases prints linear and 2D barcodes, text and images. It supports Postnet, Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, ISBN, Datamatrix, and QRCode barcode types. Barcodes can also be set to use print merging, that is barcode data is taken from database, creating sequential barcodes on printing, or exporting labels as graphic files.

Images Import and Editing

  • Import your own Graphics in all popular graphic formats,
  • Crop, mirror, flip, rotate, negative, noise, gamma, etc. Even give a graphic transparent background.
import iPhoto, Aperture support,
  • Use Integrated Google Internet image search.
  • The product provides you with ability to use any of about 100 Core Image Effects and Filters available in MacOS X.
    Transform, crop, noise, tile, change colors, make gray scale, add bright, contrast, tint, twirl, bump, pinch your images, and add even more effects.

    Text Effects

    Use circular text feature. Make custom fill, stroke, shadow effects.


    Using the Foreground and Background Layers allows more control to card design process. Working with the background layer, you are not able to view, select or modify objects on the Foreground layer. When working with Foreground, you are not able to select or modify the Background objects, but can view them.

    Mail Merge

    You can use the mail merge feature in the Labels and Databases to create personalized letters, card, invitations, etc., such as a form letter that is printed and sent to different people at the same time.

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    • Fully functional and unlimited version.
    • Free upgrades
    • 100% secure on-line ordering.
    • discount when purchasing multiple copies!
    • Instant key delivering and unlocking.

    Program OS Support :

    Mac OS 10.7 or later
    Ready for MacOS X 10.15 (Catalina)
    Version: 1.7.8
    58 MB of hard disk drive space.