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Sorting Database

  Labels and Databases can sort the records in the current database. Select Edit Sorting... from the Database menu. The Sorting Properties panel is shown in the Properties area on the right of the window. This panel contains three pull-down menus that allow you to select up to three database fields to perform the sorting by. The button to the right of each pull-down menu toggles the sorting order between ascending and descending.

  The first field has the highest priority, the second field the second highest priority, and the third field has the lowest priority. This means that when the sort has been completed, the entire database will be ordered (alphabetically) on the first field. A set of records with the same value for the first field will be grouped together. The records in this group will be ordered (alphabetically) on the second field.

  Similarly, a group of records with the same first and second fields will be ordered by the value in the third field. For example, if you set the first sort to Last Name, and your second sort to First Name, Anderson, Allen would appear in the Browser before Anderson, Betty. Be careful, because multiple level sorts can take a long time on a large database. You can set the second and third sort to None in order to speed up sorting.

  The first sorting criterion may be set using the Sort by box on the Database Tool Bar.

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