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Browsing Database

  At the left bottom of the Database Window, you will see the Database Browser, or, simply, the Browser. Here you should see the list of last names contained in your database. You can select any individual entry by clicking on the person’s last name. Just click on a row to select the record assosiated with that row. You should now see the record in the Database View. The Browser is an easy way to run through your database to find a particular entry. When you begin to make labels from your database, you may occasionally wish to choose a particular database entry to print or preview, you would do this by clicking on the entry in the Browser.

How to Change the Browser Field

  You may sometimes want to view your database by certain database field. Say, you may want the Browser to reflect the Last Name of the database records, or Title, or Address. For example, you need to look for persons by their home state.

1. With the database open choose Browser Field from the Toolbar and select State from the submenu which appears.

2. You will see that the Browser will now list a series of state abbreviations instead of a list of last names. 3. You can also change the Sorting of the database. This will also change the order of the database records is displayed in the Browser.

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