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When the Text Runaround command is selected from the Object menu, a dialog box appears that allows you to control the manner in which text flows around any object in the text box. The types of text flow control that are available:

. None - text flows unobstructed.

. Rectangular Boundary of Object - text is obstructed by and flows around the item.

. Actual Shape of Object: - text flows around the outline of an object.

You can specify the Margin Between Text and Object value that offsets the text from the inner edge of the border. This value is displayed in points. Getting the Text Box Information It may be useful when placing a text box on a label to set the precise characteristics which define its current position on the label (as well as setting other attributes which affect the text box representation and printing). The "Text Box Information" dialog box helps you do this. Activate the text box you wish to position and select Object Info from the Object menu.

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