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Selecting Paragraph Info from the Text menu activates a dialog window that allows you to modify the attributes of the current paragraph. (The “current” paragraph is the one that contains the highlighted text or the text insertion bar.) To modify an attribute, enter a new value in the text box where the current value is being displayed.

. Alignment

When text is added to a document, whole words are filled in on a line until the next full word cannot appear on the same line. The next whole word is then placed on the next line. Usually the number of characters varies on each line, so there are several ways for lining up, or aligning, the characters appearing on each line.

The options for text alignment are: Left, Right, Center, and Justified.

. Line Spacing

The Line Spacing or "leading" is the amount of space vertically between lines of text. Adjust leading using the in the Line Spacing submenu under the Text menu, or using the Leading buttons on the Label Tool Bar. Use Select All to adjust all of your text to consistent line spacing.

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