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Database Window

  Labels and Databases has the ability to create, work with, and save databases. You can also sort a database, import and export data from text delimited files. Labels and Databases databases are manipulated through the use of selected items in various pull-down menus and the use of the Database View. Database View appears when you switch to Database in the main window and create a new, or open an existing database.

The document window consists of:

  • The Toolbar Area,
  • Databases List, on the left top of the window,
  • Database Browser (database records list), on the left bottom of the window, the workspace that you use to modify the currently active record,
  • Database Record View with database fields,
  • Database Properties (on the right):
    • Sorting Properties with three sorting criteria,
    • User Field titles palette,/li>
    • Edit Group Titles palette,
    • View Groups palette,
    • Find Properties.

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