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Once positioned on the label, objects can be moved around. Activate the Object Tool from the Tools Area. Position the Object Tool over an object on the label, then click and hold the mouse button. The pointer changes into a four-pointed arrow. The selected object can now be dragged to another location on the label. Objects have a "stacking" order when placed on a page. This means that each object placed on a label has its own "layer"; each new object rests on a higher layer than the previous object. Imagine that each object on the label is on its own scrap of paper, and these scraps of paper are stacked on the label in a particular order. To change this order there are three options on the Object menu:

. Bring to Front

. Send to Back

. Shuffle Forward

Use Bring to Front to move the the object to the topmost layer, Send to Back to move the object to the bottom layer, and the Shuffle Forward command to move the object one layer higher in the stacking order. The Label Tools contains two buttons, a Bring to Front button and a Send to Back button.

Rearranging Objects on a Label with the Keyboard

To move an object on a label in one point intervals press the corresponding arrow key. o move an object on a label in ten point intervals hold the [Shift] key down and then press the arrows.

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