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Select the Import Database command from the File menu to import database records from a text file.

Select a name from the file list, then click Open, or double-click on the file name. The "Import Database" dialog box is displayed with two tables. The left one displays the contents of the imported file, and the right one shows the names of the current database fields. Arrows between the two tables show the correspondence between the imported information and the fields to which it is imported.

To change the import order: Click the field name in the right table and drag it opposite the text of the first table which will go into this field after import. The field name is bold and italicized while dragging.

To skip a field while importing: If you don't want a certain field to be imported at all, double click the corresponding text in the left table. The words turn red and the arrow indicating that item's field name disappears.

The Delimiter pop-up menu on the Import Database dialog box allows a database file to be imported in the formats liste above in the Exporting a database part.

If you are importing a Text file which data is invalid for a particular record, or records, the alert dialog box will be displayed indicating the number of fields missing. If you use the Skip option, this record will not be imported. If you use the Ignore option, HomePrint Labels will import this record. If you use the Ignore All option, HomePrint Labels will import all the records from the text file no matter what information is missing

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