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Text in HomePrint Labels must be created in or placed in a text box. A text box is a contained region on the page. To create a new text box, click on the Text Box Tool in the Tool Area, then move the pointer over the document layout window to the place where you want one corner of the text box located. Click and hold the mouse button, then drag to where you want the diagonally opposite corner and release. The boundaries of the text box appear as solid lines and handles appear on the outline. Handles indicate an active text box. The attributes for a text box are very similar to those for a graphics object: it can be moved and resized using the Object Tool, and it can be grouped with other text boxes and graphic objects. You can change attributes such as color, shade, fill pattern, background color, and so forth the same way as with a graphics object by using the attribute control commands in the Graphics menu. Create special effects by placing text on different color backgrounds, over different fill patterns, or in text boxes with a variety of different borders.

To type text directly into a text box, activate the Text Tool by clicking on the text tool icon in the Tool Area. When the Text Tool activates, the pointer changes to a text insertion bar when moved over the active text box. Click where you want to start entering text. The blinking vertical bar that appears is the text insertion point. Enter text normally. You can move the text insertion point anywhere in an active text box by clicking on the new location. You can also move the text insertion point one character to the left or right using the left or right arrows on your keyboard, or move the text insertion point up one line or down one line using the up or down arrows. Enter text into a text box any of three ways:

. typing at the keyboard

. pasting from the clipboard

. importing from other documents stored on disk

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