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Printing envelopes is even easier than printing labels. For each type of envelope, several label formats are provided. The different formats are specified to match the type of printer you use with the proper envelope label format. Before selecting an envelope label format, check how your printer supports printing envelopes. Notice how the envelopes are fed into the printer and whether they are fed in face up or down. You may want to experiment to make sure you get the best results.

Most printers feed envelopes through a special or manual feeder. Check how your printer feeds in envelopes. Envelopes may feed in on the left side, right side or middle of the feeder. Some even feed upside down. Based on the position of the envelope when feeding the printer, select the appropriate envelope label format. To print an envelope:

1. Determine how envelopes are fed into your printer as discussed above.

2. Select the label template appropriate for your printer.

3. Define what you want printed on the envelope. This is the same process as for labels. You may want to add your return address in the upper left hand corner. You may include text, graphics, database fields, or pictures.

4. Select Page Setup from the File menu. In the page setup dialog box, select the Landscape orientation, and click the OK button.
5. Print the envelopes by selecting the Labels from DataBase... menu item from the Print submenu in the File menu. You may want to experiment printing an envelope by selecting the Print Preview menu item from the File menu. This allows you to verify that the envelopes are being printed properly and with the right orientation.

If you have a problem with the location of the text for an envelope, you may have used the wrong envelope label template. You can correct this problem by selecting Label Setup from the File menu and modifying the parameters in the dialog boxes. If your envelopes are printing too high, increase the top margin. If the envelopes are printing in the wrong orientation, you need to change the orientation in the "Page Setup" dialog box. If the envelope is printed upside down, rotate the of the envelopes before feeding them into the printer.

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