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You can access this menu option when you have both types of the HomePrint Labels documents open - a label and a database. HomePrint Labels prints label sheets based on your label design. A label sheet contains one or more labels. A label sheet may have one or more labels across and one or more labels down the label sheet.

Each label on the label sheet is printed using a label design and the data from the database. For each record in the viewable database, a label is printed using the label design and any field values from that record in the database. For example, if a label design has a Last Name field on it, the first label to be printed will be printed using the Last Name field from the first record in the viewable database.

To print labels, follow these steps:

1. Select an active database. For this, switch to Database mode, and then click on the desired database name in the databases list.

2. Select an active label design. Switch to Label mode, and then either click on the desired label name in the labels list (My Labels choice from the upprer left popup menu), or create a new label.

3. Switch to Preview, and select Address Book from the source pop-up submenu in the Preview Toolbar. Select File>Print>L:abels From Database. A print dialog box will be displayed.

4. If you placed a Counter field on your label, you should review the counter specifications before printing to make sure they are set correctly for this print job.

5. Modify the settings as desired and click on the Print button.

If you wish to print all the records in the database, make sure the All option button is selected. If you wish to print a range of records, click the option button next to From:, type in the starting record number that you wish to start printing in the From: box, and type in the ending record you wish printed in the To: box.

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