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ISBN-13 Dual Barcode

The ISBN-13 Dual barcode is a sub type of the ISBN barcode which combines ISBN-13 and ISBN-10 numeric commercial book identifiers in one. Originally, it was intended for using in the transition period, ended in 2011. However, some publishers and book-ordering systems still demand using ISBN-13 Dual code for the books sold.

ISBN-13 code differs from ISBN-10 by adding the "978" prefix to ISBN-10 book identifier string, and recalculating the final checksum digit using the ISBN-13 algorithm. The ISBN barcode object is the same for the both identifiers. The ISBN-13 and ISBN-10 code identifier strings are placed above it.

Below is the ISBN-13 Dual barcode, created by iBarcoder barcode maker software.

iBarcoder mac software - ISBN Dual barcode

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