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Mac Barcode Label Software: Choosing the Best One

Barcodes are applied to products mainly as a means of quick identification. There are many possibilities and ways to use them. In shops, warehouses, on invoices, admission tickets in theaters and movie theaters, transport, advertising, mobile barcoding, etc.

The best solutions for creating barcodes require special barcode label software. These easy-to-use programs can help you a lot with the efficiency of your business or work. Make sure the software you chose supports the barcode types you wish to use, has the ability to customize and utilize any design features.

A barcode label software will create barcodes for return address, shipping, round, removable labels, various cards, tags, and more. The better the software is, the more enhanced capabilities it has. The simplest barcode label software just creates barcodes as images. The barcodes then can be pasted into other programs to create labels, stickers, ID cards and other useful tracking tools. This Mac barcode generator lets you design, manipulate and print directly within its interface, without using other applications. 

Most desirable features are:

A lot of barcode types in one barcode application (1D and 2D).

It is a must for any up-to-date Mac barcode software to have this feature. If you plan to ship different products, you’ll definitely need software with multiple barcode types. The best barcode products let you to create one- and two-dimensional barcodes. This even can become a deciding factor for some barcode software users.

Numerous user interface settings

A barcode software UI is a great help for creating barcodes, especially if you are new to barcode and label generation. The user interface presents all the options that facilitate the entire process of creating a bar code, help you choose the correct symbology that you need as well as ensuring you add correct data, and make the appropriate settings for the barcode. User Interface can also help make it easy to create a sequence of barcodes, or just one barcode at a time. Live previewing of the setting changes effects is also of great importance. Some applications customize label formats, measurements, have grid options, and other features, support multiple languages. This can really be important, especially if you will want to make sure the software supports the language you desire.

Bulk, or sequential barcode data sources

If a barcode maker software allows you to set a data source for your barcode, this means that you can define the sequence in which barcodes are printed or exported. Barcode sequences can usually be created in two modes. The first mode is usually the Counter algorithm, that makes the barcode data string change automatically using some increment value. In this case the next barcode data string is constructed from user defined prefix, starting number, and postfix parts by incrementing starting number value. The File mode allows to set a file that contains all the data strings for generating barcodes. This can be either a text (.txt) or .csv (comma separated values) file, or even an Excel Workbook file.

Image formats

Export barcodes, or even barcode labels to various image formats, which can be vector, or raster with different resolutions. The list of the common image formats includes PDF (vector), EPS (vector), BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PNTG, Photoshop, etc.

Additional types of objects

A barcode label software should allow adding images and other objects, like text, graphics, and shapes to design professional barcode labels for commercial use.

Printing. Using built-in of label formats

Mac Barcode label software should have many formats of label paper in the paper formats list. Also, it is important to be able to create a custom label format, if no suitable one can be found in the list.

Help and Support

Creating barcodes requires special knowledge, and many questions usually arise. The best software companies provide email support, FAQ and video sections with the information on their sites. Also, Mac barcode software should offer a user manual or guide, either embedded or online. Online tutorials and videos are a great advantage for you to learn how to use the software.

Combination of the above features will definitely give you the best barcode label maker for your small business, and make your job much easier.

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