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Sep 6, 2016
version 3.8.0 released, sequential barcodes creation from Excel workbook file improved.
Apr 26, 2016
version 3.7.9 released, GS1-128 code improved.
Nov 24, 2015
version 3.7.8 released, CMYK color space for barcodes added.
Sep 22, 2015
version 3.7.7 released, barcode margin preferences added.

I've just purchased the iBarcodre this afternoon and am quite pleased with your product. We have simple needs for UPC-A and now QR codes and I only wish I'd found this years ago.
-- Phil Garcia

Bought the software, so now I can generate sequential ISBNs. Great Fetuare!
-- Julie

Got to say I so far am impressed with the product.... Also, thank you for the tech support. It works quickly and perfectly.
-- Jørgen

I am very very happy with a possibility to correctly export either one single barcode into EPS, or the page filled with barcodes into PS file.
-- Zdenek

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How to create consecutive barcodes and consecutive text objects

iBarcoder allows you to make sequential text blocks and sequential barcodes. To set the text file to be the source of the text in the rectangular object, place the rectangular object first, then create the text (txt) file with data:

Add the text file url to the Text Properties tab of the Object Information dialog box, and the first string of data will appear in the object.

You can also add a QR Code barcode,

and set the QR Code data file as the barcode sequential data. Please note that QR Codes requires two line feeds between barcode data blocks, because one line feed can be encoded into the QRCode.

Barcode data text file for other barcode types should contain one line feed between data strings.

When you print your label, you will get sequenatial barcodes with sequential file data objects:


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